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The Green Deal provides Homeowners & Private Tenants with finance credit to install energy efficient combi boilers, condensing boilers and other energy saving measures without the …

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Green Deal: extra energy savings - MoneySavingExper. The Green Deal was a Government scheme set up to help homeowners pay for double-glazing, solid wall insulation, boiler upgrades and much more from projected savings on energy bills - but its funding has now been pulled.

Warm-air Heating Systems - Green Deal Measures

Warm-air Heating Systems are an approved Green Deal and ECO measure under the Building Services Mechanical category.. What are Warm-air Heating Systems?. Most properties in the UK are heated by a boiler and radiators; however there are lots of houses which use warm air central heating.Air Conditioning Units are quite similar to Warm Air Units as they blow air around ductwork and out again ...

The Green Deal

The Green Deal was a UK government policy initiative that gives homeowners, landlords and tenants the opportunity to pay for energy efficient home improvements through the savings on their energy bills. At the heart of the Green Deal is the rule that savings on bills will exceed the cost of the work.

Can I get a free boiler under the Green Deal?

Partial finance on a new boiler under the Green Deal. What we have found really frustrating is that most properties save £50-150 per year by switching to a new boiler. Under the golden rule that governs the Green Deal, that equates to a loan of a few hundred to about a thousand pounds.

About Green Deal & ECO

About Green Deal & ECO. The Green Deal is the Government's flagship scheme to promote energy efficiency and means that you can improve the energy performance of your property at no up-front cost, or even completely free if you're eligible for an ECO Grant.